Eucalyptus Silver Dollar Tree Price Includes Shipping

Eucalyptus Silver Dollar Tree Price Includes Shipping
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Eucalyptus Silver Dollar Tree. Price Includes Shipping.  Size shipped: 6 inch potted plant shipped without pot.

Eucalyptus is an evergreen tree or very large shrub grown primarily for its aromatic and attractive foliage.  Used as an herb in many cultures.

Common Names: Silver Dollar Gum, Argyle Apple

Eucalyptus branches are widely used in fresh or dried arrangements.

*Makes a beautiful landscape specimen, planted alone or in groups. It has distinctive, blue-green aromatic foliage. The creamy yellow flowers are insignificant. It may be pruned at any time and can be cut back to the ground if severely damaged by cold.  

It has been known to survive in zone 6 areas, where it will die to the ground but resprout after it’s cut back. This species will also do well indoors if given a large container and pruned to maintain the size you want.

Hardiness:  USDA Zones 7 – 11, tolerates light frosts (with no leaf damage--hardy down into the teens with no problem.) Can often regrow from the ground if grown in colder temperatures.

Growth rate: Rapid

Form:  Grows in an irregular form with both upright and horizontal branching, so give it plenty of room and allow it to grow as a large shrub.

Foliage:  Evergreen foliage is blue-green with a silverish cast; leaves often turn a deep burgundy red in fall when the cold weather begins.

Height at maturity: 15 – 60 feet.

Width: 10 – 15 feet.

Site:  Full sun.

Soil:  Well-drained.

Moisture Requirements: Regular water not necessary—very drought tolerant.

Bloom:  Early summer flowers are white, tiny, and inconspicuous.


  • Suitable for containers
  • Grows well indoors
  • Drought tolerant, great for xeriscape gardens


  • Product Type: Outdoor plants
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