Chelone Turtlehead Plant Price Includes Delivery

Chelone Turtlehead Plant Price Includes Delivery
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Chelone, Turtlehead, is an American Native Plant found in the Northeastern US with spikes of elegant flowers in late summer and early fall.

Grows best in moist meadows, stream banks, and swamps.

If you are wondering why Chelone is often called Turtlehead, Chelone was a nymph in Greek mythology who insulted the gods by not attending the marriage of Zeus to Hera. The gods punished her by turning her into a turtle.

Mature Size: 2-4 feet tall and about 2 feet wide.

Hardiness: USDA Zones 5-8

Site: Moist to wet, rich, humusy soil in full sun or part shade. When in full sun, chelone needs more moisture. 

Uses: Mass plantings, wetland plant, pond edge plant, bog plant.

Great in containers.

Deer Resistant.

Wildlife Value: Attracts butterflies. Favorite breeding sight as well as an important food source for the Baltimore   Checkerspot Butterfly—the official state insect of Maryland.

Good cut flower.

*Foliage dies back to the ground for winter dormancy in late September or early October, so mark the spot where planted to prevent accidental damage to the plant during your winter gardening chores.


  • Chelone glabra, White Turtlehead – White Blooms appearing in August and September atop bright green foliage.  (Out of Stock - Don't know when we'll have it again.)
  • Chelone Lyonii ‘Hot Lips’ – Bright rose-pink blooms August – September atop deep green foliage.



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